Thursday, 1 January 2015



Happy New Year!!!

It´s officially 2015!! OMG, I still can't believe:) 2014 was amazing and new year means new chapter of life, that's why it's important to make a resolutions! Since I consider this blog as my online diary I would like to capture my resolutions here)
In my opinion, these resolutions should be realistic and you should really stick to them, because otherwise what's the point? So I set myself some goals that I really really want to accomplish this year and here they are:
  1. Get fit and healthy
  2. Post more on the blog
  3. Learn spanish
  4. Start over ballroom dancing
  5. Buy a TRIANGL swimsuit, hehe
That's it! I know some of my resolutions are silly, but I don't care, because I believe that 2015 will be awesome no matter what!:)
Wish you a very happy 2015!!!

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