Sunday, 24 January 2016


What is an essential thing for every girl? Right. The perfectly fitted bra. With a perfect bra you not only feel great, you look great.
I love bras. It is something that makes you feel GIRL! There are a lot of different bra styles you can choose from. But no matter what style you wear, you will have so called "bra-blems" with bands riding up and straps slipping down. This is not only inconvenient, but uncomfortable. Let's be honest, all of us, girls, have those moments:)

Personally I have those little problems all the time despite I choose my bra very responsibly. So here I want to share with you common "bra-blems" and easy tips for fixing them.

1. Slipping straps
To be honest this is my biggest problem with literally every bra.
The easy solution for this problem is tightening the straps. Is sounds obvious, but as we wear a bra, the straps are tend to stretchout. Ans it is recommended to tighten them about once a month.

2. Band riding up
The best solution is to buy a smaller band size so that you have a snug fit. But remember, when you go down with you band size, you should go one size bigger in the cup!

3. Straps digging in
Here is the thing: bra straps should not be doing the heavy lifting. This work shoul do the bra band. So if you experience this problem, try a smaller band size.

4. Quad-boob
This may sound funny, but not when you wear tight clothes. Have this problem? Just go up one size in the cup!:)

5. Side boob
Sometimes, your breast spills out of the side of a cup because the cup is too small. To fix it go one size up in a cup and one size down in the band!

6. Cup gaping
They are Sisters not Twins! Remember?:)
To fix this problem, try tightening the straps. if this doesn't work, go one size down in a cup size. If your cup is the right size, but you still have a little room at the top, try a PLUNGE or a PUSH-UP style bras.

Hope this article was helpful!
Good luck with finding your perfect bra!

Special thanks to ThirdLove for an amazing idea! It's a company that specializes in awesome fitting bras and they made this really cool guide to fix all your bra-blems!



  1. I agree with you,I always have problem with side boob,I'm still searching for the right one...
    Love the post


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