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Hello guys! My post today is going to be not about fashion, obviously:) It is kinda beauty related. Today I would like to talk about perfumes.
I think that perfume is a very personal thing. I mean, it's very hard to find "YOUR" scent. Well, at least for me:)

I've seen a lot of different scent classifications, but personally I like very simple one, which divides scents into four groups: Floral, Woody, Amber and Citrus.
I have to say, that I'm very very bad at describing scents, so please don't judge me:))

Well, these are perfumes I own:
Lovestuck by Vera Wang
Princess by Vera Wang
Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY
Miss Dior Eau de Parfum by Dior
Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia by Guerlain

Lovestuck by Vera Wang is a floral scent, but not too much: it's base notes are woody and middle notes are a mix of tuberose and lotus blossom and top notes are fruity: pink guava and mandarin. Overall it's very light scent.

Princess by Vera Wang is one of my most favourite. This fragrance is fruity floral. This is the description from the official web site: "Created for the modern day Princess, this sheer, fruity floral fragrance is definitely born to rule! The scent sparkles with the captivating, sweet, tart aroma of delicate lady apples and the coveted tahitian tiare flower and finishes with a tasty vanilla chiffon - a treat fit for royalty!" I would say it's very girly and bright! Definitely a must for me:)

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by DKNY is one of the oldest. It is mostly fruity. I don't use it anymore, cause it's too sweet for me now.

Miss Dior by Dior is very classic and elegant. It is perfect for a young lady.

Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia by Guerlain is so warm. It reminds me of sun and summer. Also my favourite.

I buy all perfumes in the smallest size possible, because I can get bored with the scent or I can dislike it, so it is more convenient to get a small bottle.


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